We’ve been talking to people, a lot of people and there’s a problem nearly all of them share – they don’t enjoy the networking aspect of business events. They’re purposefully avoiding these events to avoid that anxiety and stress.

But what if networking wasn’t so hard? What if it wasn’t scary? What if it was fun?

We’re developing branded augmented reality games to play during the networking aspect of business events to make networking more efficient, as well as easy and fun.

We started off by using nerf gun battles as networking tools – the battles create a relaxed environment and facilitate introductions and conversation. 

We’ve moved on a bit from then – we’ve built an app (launching soon so watch this space) so we don’t have to lug around 40 nerf guns and 1000+ foam bullets to each event – they’re gathering dust in a loft so if you’re ever down for a battle let us know. 

The app does more than just help people to connect, if you’re a brand sponsoring the game at a specific event we’ll turn your logo or any branded image you like into 2D AR puzzles event attendees play with and interact with at the event to meet each other in person.

We’ll put your brand in the palm of every player.

And because you’re having a positive impact on their experience at the event, you’ll be the first sponsor they remember.

If you’re an event organiser and you’re interested in using our app at your event then please get in touch

If you’re a large company who wants help getting new team members inducted, or the entire workforce collaborating then please also get in touch